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Fitted patio awnings

Awnings offer the chance to get maximum use and enjoyment from your patio and garden, including during long, hot days in summer. Made-to-measure fitted patio awnings offer a shady retreat from the sun along with protection from light showers, enabling you to enjoy more time relaxing outdoors.

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Patio Awnings by Hillarys

Made-to-measure patio awnings

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Fitted patio awnings

Patio awnings - features & benefits

Fitting a patio awning to your home is an ideal way to provide shade over a good sized area of patio or garden, enabling you to enjoy your outside space with protection from the heat and glare of the sun and from light rain showers.

Made-to-measure patio awnings can cover areas of all reasonable sizes, are easy to use and are designed for reliable performance over time.

Awnings are typically mounted on the side of a house over patio doors or windows. Fitted awnings from our featured supplier can cover widths of up to 7m and project up to 3.5m from the side of your home. When deciding on awning sizes, it's important to keep in mind the changing angles of sunlight and shade.

When not in use, patio awnings can be folded neatly away into fully enclosed cassette covers, which protect the fabric and structural parts from less pleasant weather. Motorised awnings even come complete with remote controls, which makes them very easy to operate at the touch of a button.

Hillarys awnings come in a wide choice of fabrics including awnings with detachable and variable drop valances, to help increase the amount of shade.

Fitted patio awningsNew patio awnings are also available with optional accessories for added convenience and comfort, to help you make even more use of your covered area. Popular awning accessories include lighting strips, timers, sun & wind sensors and radiant heaters.

Home awnings can be even be fitted on uneven walls and low buildings (eg bungalows) using plates that spread the weight. It's also possible to work around downpipes and guttering with special brackets. A Hillarys awnings advisor can provide free expert guidance on the best awning solution for your home.

Home awnings can make a real difference to the usability and enjoyment of patios and outside spaces. Choose a supplier like Hillarys to have a custom made awning fitted to your home or buy an awning online for DIY fitting.

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